Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Show of Handmade Valentine's cards This Friday!

 I found out through  My Facebook friend John about this little show of handmade valentines day cards at Black Radish gallery and custom frame shop in Village Gate.He had submitted some stuff and I having made lots of little Valentine day ACEO's wanted to submit a few.. so I submitted one necklace two ACEO's and one hanging valentine which sold! The Show titled "LOVE Spam focused on using old ads from the 1950's of Spam and that it was a "no waste food" That said, artist's were encouraged to use recycled materials and bits and pieces and scraps of things.... The cards ranged in media and materials some 1958 Wilton cake cardboard's were used, lots of magazine collage's some wonderful hand drawn images and lots of bikes and kitties as a theme. There was a heart with little cupid angels that made awesome use of Tootise Pop and earth Balance wrappers.

The cards are still available for purchase through  Tuesday so if you don't have you Valentine's day card yet and you are in Rochester stop by  Black Radish at Village Gate and pick one up!

Love Spam at Black Radish this Friday 

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