Thursday, March 11, 2010

Decisions and realizations

So I am an art teacher. Most people ask me after that statement " Where do you teach?" I always assume they want to hear a school name. Some are really impressed when I say "I work at an art gallery". I am working other jobs where I teach art too. Each different job requires a varying amount of instruction and preparation. I have considered working a new full time job doing something other then teaching art..... Mostly for the consistent pay. It is so important to me that my work includes my passion. I am an artist. I love teaching.

I may be able to find other full time work that allows me to pay my bills more easily. But I worked very hard to stay in school and continue to follow my dream of being an art teacher.A Masters degree for me was harder then it is for some.
I have never considered myself brilliant, I do know how to teach art and I am very comfortable doing it. Working at coffee bucks and being a sandwich artist would just not be the same thing as making a joke and hearing kids laugh or hearing "Whoa you can really draw." From a group of kids. I have been doing this for a long time. I have, along with the degree all the children's drawings I have been gifted with over the years to prove it.

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