Tuesday, March 9, 2010

so much stuff

So balancing all the stuff I do can prove to be a real challenge. I have to say the computer is down from the internet again.So this makes my continuing process of job applying , blogging and Etsy page posting a real challenge. I am working in spurts at the parents house again until we get this problem solved.Mural planning is still going on as is morning program, dancing and choregraphing pieces has been on a hold for now.... Been working on hairpieces for Etsy and some jewelry work. Some friends have been helping me with photos since it is hard to be both model and photographer.Things still running smoothly at the art gallery I will post new class shots soon. I was lucky enough to attend 3 parties this weekend but alas forgot my camera for all three of them which is a major bummer as they were costumed events.I took some cell phone shots but do not have a way to upload them yet.
I am possibly taking on some other part time work if I can fit it in...

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