Friday, March 26, 2010

food inspirations

So My friend introduced to these amazing gourmet cupcakes. Orginally, I was against the idea. I thought "I can make a batch of cupcakes with what it costs for two of those." I went to see my friends..... but now I am so hooked.
They are so good! They make all the ingredients themselves.. no store bought frosting here.The price is good 3.75. I sing their praises from the rooftops.Well actually, I tell people about them and pass out their business cards. I do think about them all the time though. They are not just yummy they are pretty. I even starting writing my own cupcakes song changing John Denvers "Sunshine".

Check out the bake shoppe!/pages/Rochester-NY/Sugar-Mountain-Bake-Shoppe/191868730420

I starting thinking about making cupcake paintings in 3d texture paints.Then thought jewelry. Well I went in their the other night to bring some cupcakes home and we got to talking about the jewelry idea. So I will be making my own line of Sugar Mountain Bake Shoppe inspired cupcake jewelry.

I will be making pins, earrings and barrettes necklaces and charms for bracelets,backpacks, etc.
Above are some pics of product so far. To see more go to:

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