Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Artist trading card collbaration

I have been looking at artist trading cards for a number of years. I enjoy making small works of art. I used to work at an art supply store and we were selling these pre cut cards there. I made a few as samples.

I had some left over matte board scraps and some chip board scraps that I cut up to create Artist trading card size pieces from. I will admit they are not all cut perfectly square or to the correct Artist Trading Card size but we are experimenting after all.

I went to my friends house for brunch this last Sunday,we sometimes try to spend our days off together taking photos or doing other creative things.Most of my friends will tell you that if you are inviting me over you should expect bags or bins of art supplies to come with. Rarely do I come over to hang out without bringing a project with me. This is even true when I go out to eat.

So my friend invites me over for brunch and I have all these cards cut.

I started to add something to each card then passed it on to the next person to add one thing to it. Our boyfriends joined us as well.My boyfriend Ed, is meticulous with detail and does not always work well on the spot. My friend Erica's boyfriend work randomly and often works with found objects and photography.He is runs a computer repair shop so he added some drawing and computer parts from a recycled mother board he had.Erica,my friend is a photographer and a trained visual artist. These days she works as a florist so this was a great chance for her to get out some of her old college art supplies.

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