Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mural research

To conduct research for the mural and the Corn Hill, Plex, SWAN and other local Rochester area history we have been using the Special collections at The University of Rochester. The librarian there have been very helpful. They know a lot about the neighborhood having lived there.

We have looked at many photographers works from the 1950s and read a collection of articles from that time period.

William Bub documented via photo events that occurred during the race riots within the neighborhood. Two boxes worth of articles from paper such as The Ganett and Times Union. Some of these articles even document what was going on here but were printed in papers from LA.

Paul Hoeffler who photographed the live Jazz scene has 11 boxes of catalogued photos in the U of R collection. He photo documented musicians at the Pythodd club. The Eastmen School of Music, The War Memorial and other locations as well. He shot many many, photos of Chuck Mangione, the trumpet player, and gives a rather personal account of his life in photos.

We also spent some time looking at photo shot by Rocky Simmons depicts some scenes of local history in the 1950's and shows images of ELKs club members.

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