Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Other Worlds"

First Friday gallery crawl. I ran into so many people I knew and work with at First Friday openings. I teach on Sat. right next to John Kastener who had an opening at ROCO. His work was being showed along with sculptures by Paul Knoblauch whom I have heard talk about his work when I was in college.John images are 2d renderings in Gauache and, pencil and ink. He repeats several thematic images in his work and combines realistic looking images and extremely detailed cartoon renderings into a landscape of neatly organized chaos. Personified Images combine with mechanical objects. A line of text brightly colored stylized text in each image slightly explains what is going on in each images.To read more about the show andd se examples of John or Paul's work go to

One of my favorite part of first Friday event is accidentally finding your way to artists open studios.We stumbled above Chas Davis's studio and followed the A frame sign from Alexander.Very very large scale painting brightly colored in abstract.Some as large as 8ft tall. the roll of canvas in the corner was impressive and he was explaining to the little boy that it starts out as big as a football field.

To find out more about Chas go to:

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