Sunday, April 25, 2010


On Friday while I was coordinating the students were to understand impermanence in art.I was not the teacher, I got to learn from what the teachers shared with their students. They did yoga and learned mudras. They looked at and talked about the meaning behind Buddhist art.

I learned more about Japanese costums and various versions of the Buddha myth then I had known previously.

When I do labyrinths walk or other forms of meditation I other see a flower Whig looks similar to a louts blossom. Here I have made one out of clay. The children did not fire their clay pieces, They focused more on the process then product. I have always been inspired by earthworks and wanted to make tiny clay installations in public gardens for people to find.
Here I have placed my clay flower in the garden outside our house to share with others and allow to return to the earth. I will photograph its process of decomposition each day and see what new things it will become.

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