Thursday, May 6, 2010

Flowers for Mothers Day

I first made these with my students when I taught preschool. They are easy to make and make a nice gift.
Here are the steps you need to take to make these.

1. You need the old card board tubes from toilet paper.
2. You need a sheet of 8 x 10 in. construction paper. Lay the tube down on the end of the paper the measure it. Mark the paper when the tubes ends and roll it down the paper and mark a few times.
3. Cut the construction paper on the marks you just made.
4. Coat the paper with an even amount of glue. Roll the tube into the glue wrapping the paper flush on the tube.
5. After the cardboard tube is covered with the paper glue the tube onto a cardboard base
6. Cut 2 tissue paper ovals and cross them over lapping in two different directions.
7. Pierce the center of the tissue paper with ta pipe cleaner loop pipe cleaner over and press back through tissue paper.
8. Wrap the ends on the pipe cleaner.
9. Puff and arrange tissue paper.

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