Thursday, May 20, 2010

Private tutor tie -Dyes

So amongst my many art teaching jobs I continue to love to work with private tutor students. I have been meeting with one student for private tutor lessons for over a year now. I work with a very energetic and funny sixth grader. We were working on Boy Scout requirements and he had to put a logo he designed himself onto some personalized items. So, I thought "Lets make some t-shirts.We can put your logo on that". I gave him an option of tie dye, paint with acrylics and to use a stencil and spray dye.

He wanted tie- dye so that is what we did. I always tie dye outside. It damages the grass a lot less then carpets in side. You can put the shirt right on the lawn. I have done this with ninth graders. They loved it. In the past I have used rubbers band and Rit dye then dipped the shirt into the dye. This time we used Tulip dye in bottles and dumped the dye onto our twisted shirts.

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