Monday, May 24, 2010

Sundays mural work

On Sunday the weather did not look promising the weather forecast called for rain.
We decided to go paint anyways, hoping others would come join us.I had posted it as a work day.
I am starting to get some more feedback as the project progresses and hope to get more group participation as the project continues.I have had 2 or3 local neighbors and local artists say that they would like to contribute.Thus far Ed and I have worked on outlining and repair of the space.

There are some cracks on the wall space that needed tending to. We filled them with mortar and yesterday we sanded them down on the edge of the seams. I am thinking of trying to use these lines as a way of showing Plymouth Avenue and its divide.These spaces will most likely not blend in with surrounding imagery. I believe in embracing "Happy Accidents" and making them work. The Corn Hill neighborhood sits in such a way that the houses and property divide a once connected street. I would like to find ways to address this division visually of people and place visually.There have been several other events that have created divide "amongst neighbors". How do we show these without offending others or singling anyone out.

I have received some feedback. Things people like and things people do not. I am trying to take all the feedback into consideration and combine elements of everyone's ideas into one cohesive image.

The neighborhood in which we are working has a very rich history. I am trying to combine images that represent the neighborhood's in the local vicinity and the desires of the people who would normally use the Flying Squirrel building. I assure you this is no easy task.

Currently the Corn Hill neighborhood is mostly middle class to upper class with working families some rentals and varied income levels. Some residents I have talked to have lived there for near a century. They feel strongly about their ties to their neighborhood. The annual Clarissa Street reunion brings neighbors together. Some travel from other states to come back and see their old friends and neighbors.
The surrounding neighborhoods are at a lower income level with boarded up house and trash on the street being a norm.Yet the house next door may be beautifully landscaped and flawlessly painted. Some people their have strong ties to each other and the place they live many neighborhood work projects are underway to enhance the area.As a resident of the PLEX neighborhood I would like to be a part of a new wave of community with less divide among neighbors this complex. I have heard peoples negative comments towards me and felt uncomfortable at times. While at other times I loved and accepted in a new community.

How can we get people from different backgrounds and realities to work together? How do we represent them all? I really don't have an answer for that.I am just going to try to do my best with what I am given.

I hope to see some new faces tomorrow when we paint from 4-7.

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