Monday, May 3, 2010

6x6' s are in

I got all my 6x6 artwork in a ROCO. Turned the last one in at 4:00 yesterday. I photographed them all and Ed scanned some. He put in one and i had my private tutor student put some in a s well.Of course I can't post the pictures on here yet. The great thing about this show is that all works of art all cost the same price. Just $20.00 each. All the money goes back to ROCO and all the works are photographed and cataloged listing each artists name and a photo of the work. The first few people who pay the extra amount get their pick to buy any piece from the whole show. No one knows upon viewing which artwork is by who.

Here is the link to last years page and show catalog. I had just one piece in last year. It was number 63 and is still for sale

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