Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Last Tuesdays mural session

They came out of the woodwork Last Tuesdays. Thanks to being verbal and welcoming to the community the community members have been coming out. Giving feedback and telling me parts of their history with the area A local resident of several years talked about his use of the space as the ELKS club.

Eight local kids from the apartment complex across the street came over to help us paint. The children were very polite and patient in watching me mix the paints. I asked one child jokingly as the all watched me."Is this better then watching TV." She said "yes". The children helped paint the squirrel and the purple on Emma Goldman's scarf.

K-Lon who has come by on other weeks who is also a community mural artist came back to add color to his piece.I spoke to another artist who wished to add a design to the piece as well.His family also came by and said hi! his mother was formerly involved with the ELKS club as well.
She was at the Flying Squirrel community center to help a friend with another project.

For any other community members who wish to allow their children to paint I will be putting up a post called "Mural permission slip" which will give more information about the project and information on the paint.

Last Tuesday was a wonderful day and it was great to interact with so many others from the community.

I hope to see and met more people when out working today.

This project was funded by a grant from The Arts and Cultural Council of greater Rochester and from the New York State legislature.

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