Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mural Work Last Tuesday

Last Tuesdays mural painting session went fabulously. We got some local support and some artists to help with the work. I am struggling with the feedback I have received and, my own harsh self criticism the project. There are things that I would like to see that others do not like to see. There are things I do well as a artist and things I succeed at.There are also things I know I need to work on. Part of this projects is trying to make everybody strengths blend together and appear in the image naturally. I some place we have outlined for other to "fill in" with color. In other places local artists have come to me and I have said. Go ahead we need this kind of imagery.Give me ideas.I always have these phases in an artwork where things did not go quite as I planned and need to just"Let it flow".

My boyfriend Ed has also been a huge help to me in all this and you can see him above painting as well. He and I working together is amusing to me as we both work quite differently artistically.

About two weeks ago I was approached by this young guy while we were working on the wall. He said he had worked on murals before and was a mural artist for a summer program with Americore. His artist signature is K-lon. He is a warm funny and bright guy who is very interested in working with youth and the community. He writes poetry and song lyrics, He also has his own recording studio and helps other to make recordings of their music.He also had his friend Malcolm meet up with him.Malcom also seems dedicated to working in the community and is a musician.He will be in the military soon. I am glad to have meet these guys and have them come help with the mural.

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