Friday, December 2, 2011

From the teaching tables

 I have been trying out so of my tricks of the trade this week with my after school care kids. I learned  years ago from a old elementary art teacher book this trick... Drawing with melted crayons. There is some safety concerns involved with these one but it is so much fun.

 You go to the thrift store and get an old plug in electric  buffet food warmer. This one cost me 2.99 at the thrift store. Use copy paper of construction paper and the old stubby crayons.  Remove their papers and make them "naked crayons". I have done this before using large crayons and been able to draw more elaborate designs. The kids used a Popsicle stick to move the way around and were given elaborate safety instructions so as not to get burned. As you draw on the hot surface of the board to crayon starts to pool and puddle it gives the image a very painterly effect. The kids really loved it I let them work alone or in a group of two. The process id very experimental and the images can be scratched into and colors mixed.

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