Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More then one way to build a snowman

 So there is this holiday irony going on in Rochester NY. By now we are usually covered in snow and we are complaining about it. We have only had snow twice and very light amounts. Yet, I look around me and all I see are snowmen, snowpeoples to be PC snowgirls, snowboys, etc. I starting making my snow people earrings from polymer clay and ornaments at Thanksgiving time but now while substitute teaching a for art and doing after school programs etc. It has been snow peoples all the times..

This one is a drawing in oil pastel on black construction paper and was done as an elementary school sub assignment. you can also draw on black paper with crayons

This one was an elementary school sub assignment based on Louis Elhert's book Snowball.This project uses white paper and "good stuff" as the book calls it to make a collage picture of a snowman. Just trace three circles an white paper and cut them out. Then glue on pipe cleaners, beads etc. for the snow person. Add yarn for hair or cut paper..... in this case I used sequins and pipe cleaners.

I still need to photograph the one we did at the after school program is uses paper chains instead of just cut paper it adds a nice 3 dimensional effect.Plus today we did craft stick snowmen.

Our Holidaze flier has one....Which by the way we have two more days coming up this weekend!  On Saturday night and Sunday you can come get  your hand made gifts of jewelry, clothing, stickers, pottery, cards and ornaments from K-5 art, APC gear, Sculptresslink and more!

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