Friday, December 23, 2011

More Happy Smallidays Holiday Stuff for small hands to make

 Forgive me if you have done this one before it seems to run to circuit..

Shoe trace hand trace reindeer.This is fun and fast.On brown construction paper Take off one shoe and trace around the bottom of it.  Cut this out.On Yellow construction paper trace both your hands. Glue the two "hands" to the heel part of the shoes tracing for antlers. Cut our an approx one inch red circle and two white circles.Use crayon to add detail and personality.

Snow globe..winter scene got this from subbing!
 cut out a blue circle of construction paper. Draw a winter scene with crayons. Cut a strip of black construction paper to act as your stand. Add Glitter. I prefer the glitter glue less messy then the loose stuff but I recommend  that you do it over a tray if you use the loose stuff.

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