Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Smalladays things for small hands to make for the holiday.

 I went into the after school care program the other day and was planning on doing one project when I realized that we did not have the materials I thought we had and i would need to come up with a quick and fast idea. I had been in Target the night before and we noticed the little trees made out of  piled ornaments. I made a quick look in side the supply cabinet and stumbled across pipe cleaners, craft pom poms and glue.. Mini trees we made. The steps are easy but the work is delicate so little hands may need some help.Twist the pipe cleaner on your finger then spiral the rest of it around itself.  Pull the large coil down and stuff  the inside with craft pom poms.Secure the "tree" around the base onto a piece of cardboard or upside down plastic up as shown here with elmer's glue. When it is dry you may need to go back and reinforce some places with hot glue.

Paper ornaments. Trace two circles and cut one slit in the two circles Make sure it is the same size on both.Decorate both the front and the back of the circle with crayons or markers and then turn the one slot toward the other to match them up. Add some glue to hold them in place and some glitter glue for sparkle.
Hole punch the top and put ribbon of string through the holes to hand on a tree or other ornament stand.

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