Friday, December 30, 2011

Plate wreaths for the hoilidays

Just before break started from School I started working on these paper plate wreaths This child hood favorite has so much advanced adult potential. I had the kids make them from the after school  program as a holiday craft.

I even worked on them on Christmas day and had my Family join in.We took over the table after unwrapping gifts and eating breakfast. We used the wrapping paper from the gifts, the tags and tissue paper combined the make these beauties.
 Here's Brittany works of her masterpiece!

Mom working on her candy wreath from wrapping paper.

I even used shiny wrapping paper and made a New Years wreath.

Then I ran the activity themed for Kwanzaa at the Memorial Art Gallery for family Kwanzaa day.Special thanks to Vicki from "In my Head" studios for the ribbon the shiny red plastic stuff was a big hit for the Kwanzaa event. I had a poster up with tissue paper techniques and I was on hand to help people when needed but they could stop in and use the supplies and do their own thing.I forgot my camera but I wish I had gotten a pictures of the amazing things that people walked out of that room with.Below are a few of my examples.

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