Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Making of a Ketchup and Mustard Packet,No Really, Sorta Kind of

So I am part of the RNEST network which stands for the (Rochester NY Etsy Street Team). This group of Crafters and Etsy shop owners does monthly challenges and other fun creative projects to keep people motivated and looking to create,craft and post on the internet etsy shop walls.

The team took a believe it or not Rochester food favorite called "The Garbage Plate" and created their own version of it. Several local late night and small independently owned restaurants serve their own version of a garbage plate and people do really eat a lot of them. A Garbage plate consists of macaroni salad with egg in it, hamburger or hotdog patties, Potatoes or fries, a gravy sauce or ketchup and mustard and a hunk of bread.
Their is also a soda can which is not shown here... This weekend it was raffled off to a lucky RNEST craft show attendee.

I created  my own version of a ketchup and mustard packet to go with the "garbage plate" .The etsy shop artists who created this are john of Jack bear stamps( mac salad), Kira of Kira Arts (hot dog) Michelle of the quilted house (plate) Casey (potatoes) of Peaches Products. Karens Swimmer of Duncan Creative (hamburger) and Carol Traynor of Buenhelena.(gravy) to find out more about RNEST and view members shops go to the RNEST etsy team page

Below is my step by step tutorial to the making of the garbage plate ketchup and mustard packets.

 Step one in Paint on the computer create little generic  labels for ketchup and mustard and print them. Create 1/2 inch by 2 in approx box fill in with color using paint bucket. Add text, use magnifying glass to increase size use paint bucket tool to fill in the letters between the text. Then print these out

Step 2  fold aluminum foil into rough shape of  packet

Step 3 fill in middle section of aluminum foil  with smoothed out parts of polymer clay

Step 4 Roll out white polymer clay and put on layer on either side of aluminum foil

step 5 Use a dental tool to put texture on the ends. use a sculpey knife to cut of uneven edges

Step 6 Smooth out the "package" with fingers

Step 7 Bake in the oven at 275 degree for approx 5 minutes. Remove from the oven and let cool

Step 8 When cool use wet dry sanding block to sand the folds and creases etc. out of clay

Step 9 Use caulk to fill in uneven areas

Step 10  Cut the paper logos out and Use Elmers white glue and glue the logos for ketchup and mustard onto the polymer clay. use some glue on top to help seal the image.Let dry.

Step 11 Paint into the white area of the clay with craft acrylics

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